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As one of the leading independent long-term care insurance distributors in the country. LTCR specializes in marketing LTC insurance through partner organizations such as professional associations, alumni groups, and small businesses.

We develop comprehensive educational programs for our clients that allow members to evaluate LTC insurance.  Those members that decide to obtain coverage are able to shop the market from multiple carriers.  In addition, we secure plans at discounted rates not available to the general public. LTCR is the endorsed LTC provider for over 650 affinity organizations. LTCR helps millions of members nationwide including:

    350+ Professional Associations

   American Bar Association
   American Academy of Family Physicians
   Military Officers Association of America
   National Society of Professional Engineers
   American College of Physicians
   American College of Surgeons

   300+ Alumni Associations
   Alumni Association of the University of Michigan
   New York University Alumni Association
   UCLA Alumni Association 
   ...and many more

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LTCR represents the top LTC insurance providers in the industry including:
Genworth, LifeSecure, John Hancock, Mutual Of Omaha, Transamerica and More.
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