LTC Advisors

The Company For Experienced Producers

LTCR provides a unique business opportunity for LTC Specialists. Our business model, based on the management team’s combined 60 years+ in the LTC industry, is designed to reward experienced LTC producers. We partner directly with experienced LTC Specialists, top insurance carriers and third party marketing organizations to provide top compensation and multiple lead sources.

Endorsed Leads

One of our unique advantages is developing, managing, and implementing LTC programs with numerous affinity groups. We have over 650 affinity organizations including Alumni and professional associations. As a qualified Advisor contracted with LTCR, you will receive these endorsed leads in your local area at no up front cost. With tens of thousands of endorsed leads, we can help you sell more LTC insurance.

Direct Business Model

Unlike other organizations that consist of numerous management layers, state or regional directors or multiple hierarchies, LTCR’s support and communication system is based on one-on-one interaction. We have a central administrative office that is designed to support you with your daily questions and concerns. We also provide a fully interactive agent portal community so that you can interact with top agents to share tips and success stories. In addition, each one of our agent partners is assigned a Marketing Manager who will serve as your account executive to manage your leads and help you obtain the training you need to succeed. Our goal is to help you sell more LTC insurance and earn more income.

Top Commission Contracts

All of our programs are designed to pay the top possible commission to the LTC Specialist. We know what it costs to generate a lead and what it costs to generate a sale. With our direct approach and marketing focus, we pay the maximum to the LTC Specialist. Our referral/self-generated contracts meet or beat the top compensation levels allowed by the carriers to writing agents. Our commissions on Affinity lead programs are far superior to traditional endorsed lead compensation with career sales organizations.

Immediately Vested Contracts with Direct Pay From the Carrier

Your experience should be rewarded. All of our programs provide immediate vesting. More importantly, in this era of consolidation and market change, commissions are paid directly by the insurance carrier.

For Additional Information Contact:

Rob Culver
Director of Agency Development

(888) 866-0620